Dear Parent(s),


The month of May is upon us!!! (Wow!)

I would like to first and most importantly say that I am so proud of each and every one of your children. Each child has made tremendous progress this year. am so fortunate to have been given this opportunity to work with this wonderful group of students. Thanks for your support at home. Thanks to our parent volunteers who have helped out in class and to our room parents who have helped us out with parties throughout the year.the month of May, we will continue to work on reading accuracy and fluency. Remember, my goal by the end of Kindergarten is that ALL Kindergarten students feel comfortable reading emergent reader books and that ALL students have shown reading fluency and confidence growth since they started reading! (We’ve honestly met that goal- but we plan to keep reading like crazy!) Please note that emergent reader books may contain both decodable words (words they can sound out) and sight words (words that they must know just by looking at them). I want them to have the confidence, the perseverance and motivation, and most importantly-the enthusiasm and “I love to read” attitude. Therefore, the MOST important reading goal in May will to help kids choose just right books that they WANT to read and enjoy reading. I hope to share enthusiasm and celebrate their tremendous growth!

Please also keep in mind that the goal of reading is to comprehend, or understand what you read. We will therefore continue to work on the elements of reading comprehension. Students have been working on concepts such as making predictions, comparing characters/settings/stories, analyzing fiction vs. nonfiction, identifying story parts in fiction (problem, solution, setting, main idea/details, character comparisons), using context clues to define difficult vocabulary, inferring and describing their reasoning behind their inferences, utilizing and understanding the importance of “I wonder” questions, ordering the events in a story, and making text to self, text to text, and text to world connections. You should see them summarize and retell! In the final months of Kindergarten, we will work on solidifying the use of these skills. We are by no means experts yet! After our Farms unit, we'll continue with Ocean Animals and Insects. Prepare for your child to go from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Reading and discussing short chapter books to your child over the summer, in addition to having them read short picture books to you, is great practice for comprehension skills…just be sure to talk about the books, not simply read them.

We will switch back and forth between fiction and nonfiction books and begin to determine how nonfiction books are organized. For example, they may have a table of contents, glossary, photographs, new words in bold print, labels, headings, etc. call these “features” of nonfiction books. They have no main idea or story parts but instead a main topic. will begin to understand how the purpose of these books is to help us learn and determine how to best use this type of book.

In Math, we will review all math concepts and put them into application in our Math journals. Note- Although Kindergarten focuses on addition/subtraction facts, kids often enjoy working on facts/memorizing them on several free tablet/phone apps- look into downloading if interested! We have done so much work this year composing and decomposing numbers into equations- but we will continue to apply these strategies in our daily problem solving. (Ex: Missing number equations can be tough...4 + ___ = 9). I'll introduce fractions (briefly), and we'll continue problem solving with more complex equations on the number grid. Please be sure to correct handwriting reversals of any number (or letter) at this point and make sure all handwriting starts at the top! We want accuracy!

Our writing will go from specific types of writing, such as “how to” writing, or fictional narratives (such as in our Fairytales), to more of a free write and open choice writer’s workshop allowing students to write about their experiences and passions. The expectation is that they “write for a reader,” use correct handwriting, use punctuation, spell sight words accurately, and give some detail to their writing and/or illustrations. We need reminders to start each sentence with an uppercase letter.

Please note the following days in May…

May 4th- Washington Talent Show

May 8th Washington Track meet (NOT Kindergarten...although we will bus over to watch for a while)

May 11th – Final day to turn in completed POP grids for prizes

May 15th ABC Countdown starts in Kindergarten (2 letters a day)... (note coming soon)

May 18- RAD Zoo Field Trip

May 21st “Jj=Jammies Day”- wear your pajamas!

May 22nd We will go to the Public Library

May 25th- Kindergarten-2nd grade Field Day at Washington (afternoon during school)

*Parents are welcome to intend. Note- this is NOT a track meet...think outdoor carnival to keep

kids moving with fun games and activities led by PE

May 29th- Summer Birthday Celebration

May 31st- School Awards Day- 9am (Most of our Kindergarten awards will be handed out in our classroom on a different date so don’t feel that you need to come to this!)

June 1- Last Day of School/Kona Ice/Kickball Game


**Please note: We will be boxing up the entire Kindergarten room and taking everything off the walls during the month of May. Sorry for the mess! We will have new cabinets and new paint this summer!


I HOPE I GOT THAT ALL CORRECT! Please check the binder daily for announcements and schedule changes!


Thanks, Sara Awe