Objective and Syllabus

Our Classroom Objectives for September and October

-I can choose "just-right" books that interest me.
-I can retell stories using key details to determine the lesson or theme.
-I can describe characters in a story.
-I can distinguish between literal and non-literal language.

Power Half Hour:
-I can comprehend fiction and non-fiction text at a third grade level.
-I can ask and answer questions about fiction and non-fiction text and cite my evidence to prove my answers.
-I can determine the meaning of a word that has prefixes and suffixes.

-I can read, write, and show numbers up to 100,000.
-I can tell time to the minute.
-I can determine elapsed time.
-I can make change up to $1.00 in several ways using the fewest coins possible.
-I can solve real-world problems using addition and subtraction.
-I can add and subtract multi-digit numbers.