Kindergarten: Syllabus

Kindergarten Expectations by Trimester
Here are some goals that you can expect in Kindergarten...
1st Trimester (September-December 2) Goals:
By the end of the 1st Trimester, your child should…
• Write first/last name with a capital letter at the beginning and the rest lowercase letters
• Know and read their first and last name
• Know their address (house number, street) and phone number
• Count aloud from 0-70
• Count 20 or more objects using 1 to 1 correspondence
• Recognize and name circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval, hexagon, & trapezoid
• Count aloud backward from 10-0, then 20-0
• Counts by 10’s to 100
• Recognize/read/write any number from 0-19
• Order numbers 0-19 in correct sequential order
• Create their own pattern (ABAB or ABCABC)
• Rhyme several words
• Name all capital and lowercase alphabet letters in random order
• Identify the letter sound for (the majority of) each letter of the alphabet
• Begin to orally segment words. Example: cat= c-a-t
• Begin to sound out or “blend” words Example: child reads “jet” or “dog.”
• Begin to spell phonetically/sound spell (write down the sounds he/she hears in a word)
• Read the given sight words on the homework folder
• Read color, blue, brown, yellow, black, green, orange, purple, white, pink
• Understand letter versus word versus number
• Begin to make connections to books such as text to self and text to text connections Example: “That girl has the same problem as me” OR “In both of those books, the smaller animal becomes the hero.”
• Understand, use, and apply basic comprehension/reading vocabulary such as title, characters, author, illustrator, schema
• Sequence an experience or book in terms of beginning, middle, and end
• Monitor and explain weather and weather changes from day to day leading to an understanding of seasons
• Group and classify items by several different attributes such as color, size, shape, texture, and communicate reasoning for the sorting system
• Socially respect others and their property
• Begin to understand and use the vocabulary of Leadership (Covey’s 7 Habits)
• Begin to understand the concept of working as a team
• Ask questions and understand the difference between a question and a statement
• Wait their turn to speak or interrupt politely
• Follow directions and work independently

2nd Trimester (December-March) Goals:
In addition to the above goals, your child should…
• Dress him/herself in winter clothing (zip, button, etc.)
• Name and apply ALL letters & letter sounds
• Orally Segment words--Identify and orally separate all the sounds in a word
Example: Cat (c...a...t) or Flat (f…l…a…t)
• Count aloud from 0 to 115+
• Recognize/name all shapes including cube, cone, cylinder, and sphere
• Count backward from 20-0
• Count by 5’s and 10’s to 100
• Read and write the numbers 0-31 in RANDOM order and in SEQUENCE with correct number formation
• Use correct letter formation when writing and have clear, legible handwriting
• Phonetically sound spell words and simple sentences. Example: I see the big lak (lake).
• Sound out words or “blends” sounds into words fluently and confidently Example: Child reads “hat, frog”
• Read given sight words on the homework folder and begin to read simple decodable and sight word books
• Identify and explore counting money coins (penny, nickel, dime, quarter)
• Begin to understand the concept of telling time on different types of clocks
• Begin to use measuring tools to measure inches and feet accurately
• Understand the concept and begin to apply addition and subtraction principles
• Begin to understand the purpose and format of a map
• Begin to explore and describe mental imagery and the concept of “setting” within a book
• Continue to explore the structure and format of fiction/non-fiction books and identify the difference
• Ask “I wonder” questions as a basis for inquiry Science, Reading, Social Studies, Math, and so forth
• Continue to apply leadership skills and Covey’s 7 Habits
• Work as a team to complete a task or project and begin to “think win-win”
• Demonstrate adequate hygiene such as hand washing and describe and apply basic skills of leading a healthy life

3rd Trimester (March-June) Goals:
In addition to the above goals, your child should…
• Confidently read, write, and apply all numbers 0-100 and begin to explore 3 digit numbers
• Begin to use some book (correct) spelling of words
• Write and read a complete sentence.
• Name/Count simple coin money combinations (Example 3 nickels is 15 cents)
• Understand the general use of a calculator as a "tool"
• Count by 10s, 5s, and 2s
• Read all given Kindergarten sight words and begin to fluently read emergent reading books
• Have the confidence to choose an easy reader book from the library and successfully attempt to read it
• Demonstrate an understanding of Leadership and Covey’s 7 Habits of Effective People
• Contribute and solve problems as a part of a team
• Solve basic Math story “thinking” problems and show their work.
• Identify the main idea in a book and give other supporting details
• Sort objects into 2 groups: those that are found in nature and those that are human made
• Identify and explain living versus nonliving things
• Identify the sun as a source of heat and light
• Observe and compare plants and animals
• Be respectful of diversity and be proactive in learning about other people’s differences
• Be respectful of the environment around them and proactive in making the world a better place
• Demonstrate a sense of lifelong learning and purpose for learning


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