What does it mean to "fill a bucket?"

Kindergartners may come home with new "filling a bucket" vocabulary. I assure you that this is based on a book/lesson that aligns directly with our Leadership focus in Owatonna Public Schools. The concept is an elementary version of the emotional bank account philosophy explained by Stephen Covey.
The book shown above explains a philosophy that everyone carries around an imaginary bucket. When you say or do kind things to or for someone, you fill their bucket. When others say or do kind things to you, your bucket gets filled. When you do kind things for others, your bucket also gets filled. (It is a "win-win!") However, if you say or do things that are not proactive, good leadership habits, or just plain unkind, you have the capability of "emptying" someones bucket, which has a negative impact. It often takes many things to fill up someone's bucket again once it has been emptied. So please, be a bucket "filler."
It is your choice! What have you done to "fill a bucket" for someone today?